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Capitalysing your Dreams

Project Finance

Miragefin assists clients with traditional commercial financing requests but our specialty is working on real estate and business transactions that require creative structuring, what we call "outside the box smart funding assistance".

This structuring can take the form of senior debt financing, mezzanine financing, participating debt, subordinated debt, credit and/or balance sheet enhancement, equity capital, joint ventures, and high leverage financing. We excel on challenging projects, "outside the box" funding and structures, non-bank deals; the ones that may require more creative structuring or where timing may be an issue.

We do not charge an upfront retainer fee to look at a project and we do not require an exclusive engagement from the client simplybecause we only take on projects that we feel confident we can close, and do so at some of the most competitive rates in the market.

As soon as a first pass assessment has been made of the project and the options discussed with the client, we will compile a high-level business plan of the client's project for a negotiated fee to determine if the project is viable and sustainable. This business plan will be compiled with input from the client and presented to the client once complete. If a formal business plan has been supplied by the customer, this process is not necessary.

Upon completion of this phase the client decides if they wish to appoint Miragefin to broker the financial instruments and/or financing.

Based on this decision, a formal appointment of Miragefin is made to act on the client's behalf to solicit the required instruments/funding. An agreed non-refundable processing fee is negotiated which will trigger the required business analysis and solicitation of the lenders or investor/underwriting groups in our network to determine "the most likely candidate" to secure funding.The result of this phase is an appropriate offer to the client in terms of applicability and cost of the funding and/or instrument. Upon acceptance of this offer, Miragefin will broker the transaction to completion.

The processing fee is based on the man-hours, business analysis, labour, mail services, and other internal and external costs of Miragefin involved in the effort to obtain funding proposals for the client's project.

While we work to procure the appropriate finance and/or financial instrument for the client project, you are still free to continue to search for a funding solution on your own or through other brokers.

  • Telecomunications
  • International hospitality projects
  • All green projects
  • Resort and entertainment projects
  • Gold mines at all stages- for sale or JV purchase
  • Asset management clientele
  • Energy
  • Mining


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