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Capitalysing your Dreams

Mirage Mining

MIRAGE MINING We have various options for all your mining interests wether is to sell or that you require finance.
We are directlly to our clients sellers and buyers world wide. At the moment we have mines in South America and Africa for sale

Our team of experts may help you find the right solution for all your mining inquires

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Investment Areas
  • Exploration
  • Development and project financing
  • Expansions and financial restructuring
  • Rehabilitations

Contact Us
We welcome all your investment inquiries regarding all emerging markets. If you have an mining project at any stage of planning or development, please contact us to see how we may be able to add value to your project.

General conditions:

1. The mine must be able to mine.
2. The in-ground assets must be verifiable.
3. If needed a mining operator may be provided.
4. Existing Tax Credits or Carbon Credits may be leveraged.
5. Precious gems and metals may be collateralized if they are stored in a bonded warehouse and are accompanied by proof of ownership and an appraisal.
6. 100M minimum (lesser amounts may be approved on a case by case basis.)
7. The funding amount may be up to 100% of the net present value.
8. Oil and gas projects do not require currently producing wells.
9. International projects are acceptable provided they are U.S. Friendly.
10. These projects are funded purely on the provable value of the assets; not the credit worthiness of the principals
11. The funding draw schedule will be agreed to in the letter of commitment.
12. Projects of less than 1 billion can be completed in approximately 5 weeks. Larger projects will take longer.

  • Most in-ground assets of definite and appreciable value, i.e.
  • Energy reserves
  • Gold mines
  • PGM mines
  • Oil & Gas, Coal, Aluminum, Copper, Nickel, and liquid traded metals.

    GEOGRAPHY: Worldwide [U.S. Friendly]

    OWNERSHIP TYPES: Can be owned, leased, or even BLM (as long as the mineral rights are secured).

    OPERATIONS: Does not have to be in operation; does not have to plan to be in operation (if this is the case, we still need a use of proceeds narrative showing what the ultimate use of proceeds is and a repayment strategy)
    Documents can be up to five years old.

    LTV: Up To 100%

    MINIMUM: $100M (lesser amounts may be approved on a case by case basis.)

    Member of the Mirage Group